We don’t need to create, we need to move forward 


We all face the same, wicked problems 


We traveled around the world, presenting to companies of all sizes and in all stages of their shared services journey. Some were just beginning, others were seeking to expand, some had been in operation for years and doing well, but not advancing. Some were simple stuck.

With each, we saw the same struggles.

Struggles that were keeping them from:

  • Achieving maximum results
  • Growing to the next level
  • Moving from cost savings to business transformation

The need

Decades ago, there may have been reason to struggle. Shared Service was a new strategy. We were learning. But today, we have industry standards, proven methods and best practices that are consistently delivering bench-mark results. No one should be struggling to address hurdles already crossed. No one should be recreating the wheel and thus wasting:

  • Precious time
  • Valuable resources
  • Leadership confidence

Our Aim

Instead of consulting for a few companies who knew us, we wanted to share GBS best practices and industry standards that could help transform the shared service industry.

Our series of Trainings, the Professional GBS™ Certification and Advisory Services all aim to facilitate knowledge transfer and bring a needed level of professionalism and industry standards to our work — and thus, raise the industry bar for us all.

58% of SS have not yet or failed to implement a multi-services model. *


82% of SS are not data-ready to support self-service or real-time analytics**



46% of SS have implemented IA; only 7% have done so successfully**



48% of SS have not or are just starting to prepare their organization for emerging skill needs**


“We see organizations struggling because GBS as a practice lacks the standardization and broadly acknowledged certification that such an influential operation would be expected to have.”

Naomi Secor

Managing Director, SSON