Why get certified?


The challenge:

The vast majority of shared service organizations are launched with little-to-no experience or guidance on what works, what works well, and what does not work at all. 


The result:

Many struggle under the sheer weight of their organization’s complexities, partnership challenges and need for continued change management. Many more are stuck, unable to take their organization to the next level, where the real value lies.


The need:

The industry needs business leaders and shared services practitioners trained to apply best practices and proven operational models.


Certifications Grow the Industry
and the Individual

Nearly every industry has adopted key levels of certifications: Finance (CPA), Project Management (PMI), Supply Chain APICS), Information Technology (ITIL), Business Process management (ABPMP), Engineering (ASCE).

For good reason: certifications advance the profession.

Certification courses:

  • Grow expertise
  • Establish standards that everyone in the industry can work against and aspire to
  • Share proven methods of success with others in the industry
  • Employers can better evaluate potential new hires, analyze job performance, encourage employees to increase skills and knowledge
  • Employees can quickly demonstrate competency and commitment to professional growth
Why is there a need for GBS certification?

The world’s very first shared services practitioners dove into the deep end of unchartered waters. They learned as they went. Tried, failed, re-grouped and tried again.

Those who survived and thrived proved that shared services is more than a strategy – more than a “high-risk undertaking with high potential” – it is business model.

That’s why nearly every medium to large company is looking at shared services to simplify, accelerate, reduce costs and enable broad-scale change like digital transformation.

By 2025, experts predict the industry will double, becoming a $1.1 billion business.

And yet, failure rates and stagnation vs growth continue to plague the industry.

Why? Because we have failed to share best practices and failed to grow our work into a professional discipline where industry standards and proven models are adopted and reapplied.

Professional GBS Certification aims to change that.

But, my shared service is doing well.

The real power of the shared service model is that growth and impact can be limitless.

If your organization is meeting targets, but not introducing new innovation and not helping transform the company, then you are not doing well. You are stuck.

You also are likely under-prepared to support the digital transformation your leadership is either already asking or planning for.

And that is because your organization is not applying the right tools, models and strategies.

It is that simple: There is a right way to run a shared service.