Professional GBS™ 



Modular Development

Each module in the Professional GBS series is designed to build deep expertise in areas critical to developing a highly functioning organization that exceeds goals and sets up the business to succeed. 

Trainings were created by the world’s leading shared service experts, and presented by their authors, ensuring you can tap real-world knowledge, in real time. Have questions? They have answers, backed by case studies, proven strategies and personal examples.



  • Senior leadership should consider taking all five modules, and directing team members to the courses most directly linked to their work.
  • Practitioners looking to advance in their organization should consider all five modules.
  • Each module contains three distinct sessions.
  • Completion of all five modules earns participants the Business Services Institutes Professional™Certification (BISP)™.





This course serves as the building block for all other sessions.

In three distinct sessions, you will learn from hands-on experts how a winning GBS model works, how proven strategies can drive excellence and how your shared service can transform your company.  

The Foundation course also provides the standard model and the terminology required to consistently develop advanced GBS processes.

1.      GBS Overview: How the model works
2.      Implementation: Making the model work for you
3.      Process: How to make it all work together

Foundation is a prerequisite for taking every GBS Professional course.
Free on-line course or instructor led.
6 hours

Service Management

Learn the transformational strategy of running your organization as a business and not just a service. These proven processes and industry standards are the underpinnings for an effective, efficient and high-quality organization.

Learn the framework, standards and processes for defining a clear, business-run Service Line including pricing and  benchmarking, creating strategies and innovation plans, and commercializing the Service.

1.      Service Fundamentals: Understanding Running as a Business
2.      Service Design: Setting up your business offerings
3.      Service Strategy: Working with vs for your customers 

Instructor led
12 hours

Operations Management

Operations experts showcase best-class methods of successfully operationalizing your shared service.

This course outlines the approach, methodology and tools needed for running day-to-day operations, managing operational issues and driving continuous improvement methodologies.  This is an essential training for anybody working in either the Head Office or in Shared Service Centers.

1.      Operations Planning: Establishing objectives, measures and goals
2.      Operations Control:  Incident preparation and management
3.      Quality Management: Continuous improvement.

Instructor led
12 hours

Transformation Management

Learn why and how successful shared services keep evolving to drive business transformation.

This course shares key methods to drive ongoing improvement in service quality, cost and customer satisfaction.  It brings together the known tools of project management with elements of business transformation and organizational change — which need to play in harmony for successful service transformations.

1.      Automation / Digital: Enabling and driving through a shared service 
2.      Opportunity Assessment: Identifying how to grow, expand, strengthen
3.      Transformation Execution: Applying proven change management methods

Instructor led
12 hours


Learn how to ensure company leadership understands the current and future value of your organization, and that your teams support each step of the journey.

This course drives strategy development, organization management, stakeholder management – all critical in an increasingly dynamic industry. It also helps shape understanding of and vision for future-state shared services.

1.      Operational Leadership and Strategy:  Mapping your organization’s future
2.      Continuous Improvement Strategy:  Ensuring everyone drives improvement
3.      Future State Strategy: How to always be pushing forward

Instructor led
8 hours