About Us

We’ve been there.

We started with no roadmap, detoured and learned along the way.
In the end, we got it right, building one of the largest and most widely acclaimed shared service organization in the world.
From that, we developed proven models that will save you time, effort, cost and credibility.

How we can help

Unless you can say without pause that your shared service is doing all you had hoped for and you know exactly where you are going next, Professional GBS can help.

Our tested strategies, models and best-in-class approaches will help you advance, grow and position your company for what’s next.

Why we started Inixia

As  shared service leaders, we were continually asked to help organizations either starting or looking to improve their own shared service.

Regardless of their size, scope or maturity, we saw the same consistent struggles.

Our story

While it was not the aim, our work made headlines. Analysts, other companies and journalists all watched as we undertook building the largest and most complex shared service in the world.

 Also watching was our Board and Company leadership. (No pressure)

Who are We?

Inixia’s founders created the shared services model when they formed and then ran one of first and undeniably the largest, most ambitious, challenging and high-risk shared services in the world.

While working for global consumer goods giant Procter and Gamble, they brought together nearly 90 service lines from 80 areas of the world into a single organization. They stood it up in weeks, showed financial benefit in months and then continued to evolve it every year, earning a critical seat on the company’s leadership team, where they drove company strategy and high-impact transformation. Under their leadership, P&G’s Global Business Services organization was repeatedly named the best-in-class in the world.


Filippo Passerini


Tony Saldanha


Richard Lancaster

COO, CFO and Managing Advisor

Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the best organizations and leaders to develop Professional GBS™ Trainings, Certifications and Advisory Services.  We also have partnered with three key global leaders to help us to share this knowledge as broadly as possible with everyone in the industry to improve the level of professionalism across the industry, around the world.


Our Clients

From the Fortune 1 to the Fortune 1,000 We work with organizations large and small to develop capability and create value.

Learn about our Services and Solutions 

Inixia is here to help you meet your needs visit our product page to learn more.

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